News can be a fleeting moment, time can be unforgiving as certain events are lost to history.

News can be a fleeting moment, time can be unforgiving as certain events are lost to history. This series will bring compelling news stories back to light as told by those who witnessed it. Through historical documents, photos and visual storytelling. A unknown man buried under an oak tree, The site of New York's worst disaster prior to 9/11, A house built to conjure dead composers. People have always had a fascination with history, especially strange history. Ephemera will take that fascination to a whole new level with untold stories being presented in a dynamic way. Unlike other historical shows Ephemera brings a new vision to the genre. Hosted by Brandon Alvis.


Created & Hosted by | Brandon Alvis

Brandon Alvis has always had a fascination with history. Over the years he has spoken at historical locations across the United States. Appearing in the New York Post, MTV News, Travel Channel, Discovery and Science Channel. After purchasing a modest camcorder in 2010, Brandon began to produce web content about historical events. Discovering his newly found passion, he wanted to expand his knowledge of the film industry.

After years of self-taught writing, shooting and editing, Brandon directed his first project titled ‘Ephemera’ in 2017. Upon its release, the project was nominated for four awards at the Vancouver Web Fest, International Academy of Web Television and the Ozark Mountain Web Fest. Continuing to perfect his filmmaking and storytelling skills, Brandon has worked on dozens of successful projects over the years. His goal is to bridge history with the modern audience in a dynamic way. Tubefilter is quoted saying “Alvis, has a knack for turning the small, little-noticed tidbits of the past into the sharp, compelling content of the present.”

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